Travelling to College

Though many of our students live in the Scarborough area, many also choose to travel from Filey, Pickering, Malton, Bridlington, Driffield, Whitby and further afield. We do not want travel to be a barrier to you taking advantage of the many opportunities the College has to offer.

Student Travel Information booklet

Travel FAQs Fact Sheet

Bus Passes for September 2022

If you live in Bridlington, Whitby, Driffield or the Helmsley and Pickering area, you will need to apply to the College for a travel pass by completing an application.

Click here to apply for a travel pass


For travel passes from other areas, you need to apply to NYCC by going to

Free Travel

If you live 2.5 miles or more from College and are from a household where the income is less than £25,000 per annum, you may be entitled to either a bursary or financial support* towards the cost of travel to College. To see if you are eligible and for further information please go to the Finance page.

To get financial help with your transport you will need to make an application to the College’s Student Support Fund; if you are eligible then you may also receive assistance with meals, trips and other college expenses. The online application form for financial support is available to complete from August 2021.

Subsidised transport: “Pay no more than £12.50 a week”

Irrespective of household income, the College will subsidise bus transport costs, so that no student travelling to college has to pay more than £12.50 per week. [Based on lowest cost transport arrangements and subject to a maximum subsidy of £600 per year and you will need to provide evidence of you travel costs.]*

To apply for the travel subsidy you must complete an online financial support application form available from August 2021.

Even if you are awarded free or subsidised transport you must still make a separate online application for your bus pass.

Travel to Learn Scholarship

Students who live more than 15 miles away and are expecting to achieve a 7, 8 or 9 in English Language and Maths GCSEs can apply for £460 to support their studies at college. Simply complete the Travel to Learn Scholarship Form to apply.

*subject to terms & conditions

Help & Support

Access the Travel FAQs or contact Student Services by email or on 01723 380700


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