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Guidance Support Team

Guidance Support Team



Every student is assigned a Guidance Support Tutor (GST).

Your GST will monitor your wellbeing and development during your time at college. You will meet your GST weekly for group tutorials and they are also available for you to drop in and see them in the Guidance Support Centre. GSTs will also work with your teaching staff and address targets and support requirements so that you get the most out of your college experience.

Group tutorials are designed to help you achieve academic success and also address personal, social and health issues. You will also meet regularly for one-to-one meetings to discuss your academic progress and achievement towards your personal goals. There is a focus on attendance and this will be coordinated by your GST.

A large part of the tutorial programme is devoted to Careers and Higher Education information, advice and guidance. Your GST will help you with job or university applications and will write a reference for you. Our guidance support programme works in partnership with students, parents, and teachers to ensure that you achieve your full potential.


Contact the Guidance Support Tutors

Jo Walker (GST Manager)(01723) 380732Email Jo
Adam Calcraft(01723) 380782Email Adam
Melanie Coull(01723) 380777Email Melanie
Helen Robinson(01723) 380759Email Helen
Louise Coyle(01723) 380786Email Louise
Sue Hawthornthwaite(01723) 380783Email Sue

Child Protection

Designated Safeguarding Officers:

  • Lead – Rowan Johnson
  • Deputy Lead – Jo Walker
  • Named person for looked after children – Jo Walker
  • Adam Calcraft