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Welcome to the S6F Skills toolkit. Here you can find information and resources about wellbeing related topics. This information will help you to make the most out of your time at college and feel happier whilst you are here.

Positive Education

The Positive Education Toolkit is a platform that you can use to access information about the science of happiness, flourishing and wellbeing.

At S6F, we believe our job is to help you achieve the academic and career goals you are striving for, and also help you to develop the skills you need to feel happy whilst you are doing it.

The toolkit consists of a series of videos and information that you can watch, read or listen to. The short videos give you some helpful tips and guidance on a range of wellbeing related topics. You can choose which ones are relevant to you, or better still watch them all ???? and develop a toolkit of skills that will help you to navigate your way through college successfully.

The videos have been created by Hannah Dunn, a chartered Psychologist who specialises in the science of happiness and wellbeing. She has used this expertise, along with her knowledge of teaching and learning to create these videos especially for our students at S6F.

This video explains a bit more about positive psychology.


If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Dunn (CPsychol, MAPP)