Example ticket for Preview

S6F Preview is a taster day for applicants where you can try out lessons and experience being an S6F student for the day. For 2024, it is on Tuesday 25th June (9am-4pm).

The Day

You select four subjects for S6F Preview at your admission interview. We will then create you a timetable which you will be able to see on the portal a few days before the event.

The day is exclusively for applicants so you will have the college to yourselves to help find your feet.

When you arrive, you will be met by the welcome team who will give you a map and help you find your first classroom.

The day starts with an introductory tutorial to welcome you to college and explain the day. You will then follow a timetable of your chosen subjects. The day finishes with an opportunity to speak to staff and ask any questions that you may still have.

What is it like?

Hear from our students who to S6F Preview before enrolling in September:

"At the taster day I was able to make connections with the people I would be studying with as well as get an insight into college life. It was my first experience of college and I really enjoyed it."

“Attending the taster day was great. I was able to meet my teachers and make sure the subjects I was thinking about were right for me.”

“When I applied to college, I knew that I wanted to study something in STEM but I wasn’t sure what. Attending the taster day helped me to narrow down what I wanted to take.”

“I would recommend Preview as you get to meet people before you start in September so that you feel more prepared for your first day of college.”

Your Timetable

You can access your timetable a few days before the event by logging into the applicant portal - https://portal.s6f.org.uk


The important bit! We have a cafe on-site (Cafe 6) where you can purchase lunch using cash or card. The cafe is open from 8:30am and is a great place to meet your friends for a drink before the day begins.


You can use the college buses on the day. Simply show the driver your Preview invite letter (you will receive this in the week before the event). For more information on travel and buses, please go to the travel page.


If you have any questions, please contact Admissions

admissions@s6f.org.uk | 01723 380722