Progression Year

If your GCSE results don't meet the entry requirements for A Levels, level 3 Applied Generals or T Levels, you can still join us by taking a Progression Year. Most of our Progression Year students continue onto level 3 study while some go onto apprenticeships or employment.

Entry Requirements

In GCSE English Language and Maths, you will need a minimum of a grade 3 in one and a grade 2 in the other plus some GCSEs at grade 3 or 4.

Progression Year Programme

Alongside GCSE English and Maths, you can choose three of the subjects below:


Throughout the year you will receive support and guidance to help you with your studies and your progress towards level 3 study, an apprenticeship or employment.

You will have access to the Careers Service, Study Centre and Guidance Support Team who will provide advice and encourage you to achieve.

Case Study

Kelsey Austwick is a Paramedic working for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. She started at college on the Progression Year following some disappointing GCSE results.  She took Health & Social Care alongside Science and English GCSEs. The Progression Year now offers more choice allowing you to take three subjects rather than one.

"The support I received at college was immense and is the reason that I am where I am today. Without it, I really wouldn't be in such a well-paid job that I love."

On completing the Progression Year, Kelsey continued onto level 3 Health & Social Care and then went to Teesside University to study for a degree in Paramedic Practice.

Photo and quote from Kelsey Austwick


"Don't be afraid to take a Progression Year.  It's what I did and I'm so much better for it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I left school at 16. I thought I wanted to be a primary school teacher, but during my Progression Year and onwards I changed my career pathway."

Kelsey now works as the Lead Clinician on a double-crewed ambulance. She enjoys the variety of the role as well as working with multidisciplinary teams such as the Police or Fire Service.

"My college life was amazing. I was given freedom, support and encouragement as well as information from the careers team on how to get where I needed to be. I was given the push I always needed at college and I really owe S6F for doing that. If it wasn't for all of the fantastic staff at college, I wouldn't be where I am today."