Parent/Carer of Future Student

We understand that deciding what to do following school is a big decision for a young person to make and we aim to support both them and you throughout the whole process. You can find details on how admissions works on the Admissions webpage and if you have any questions please email the Admissions Team.

Latest Correspondence

The above is sent out to parent/carers to acknowledge receipt of your son/daughter's application and explain what happens next.

Applicant Portal

The applicant portal ( contains all of the information that applicants need including details of any appointments that they have. Applicants are given their access details in their consultation invite letters. If they forget their login details, they can email

It is important that all applicants access the portal as this is where they can change appointment dates/times, track their application progress and access important information.

Once they have enrolled, your son/daughter will then use the portal as a student. At this point, you will also be given access to a parent portal where you will be able to monitor your son/daughter's progress at the college.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my son/daughter apply to the college?

They need to complete an online application. With regards to course choices, they can mix and match nearly any combination of subjects. As we are larger than a school sixth form, we have more flexibility with our timetable and therefore they don’t need to worry about blocks and subjects clashing. On their application form they can choose whichever courses they would like.

Don’t worry if they change their mind about what they want to study. The subjects that they put on their initial application are simply a starting point. The entire admissions process is designed to help them explore their options and ensure that they have a study programme which suits them and fits well with their future career aims.

What if they don't meet the entry requirements for their chosen subjects?

If this happens, we encourage you to come along to enrolment so that we can discuss their options. We always look at students as individuals and aim to work with them and you to put together a study programme which they will enjoy and which will allow them to achieve their goals.

In some circumstances, it may mean that they need to reconsider their career aims. For example, if they are aiming to be a Vet and don't achieve well at GCSE, we will explore alternative options with them such as Veterinary Nurse.

We also offer a Progression Year of GCSE level programmes (level 2) which gives students the opportunity to improve their results from school and prepare themselves for level 3 programmes at the college.

What are the College's exam results?

We are extremely proud of our students. Year on year they achieve excellent A Level and Applied General (BTEC) results making us one of the top colleges in the area. You can see our results on the homepage.

What support do you offer to students?

Encouraging more independence definitely doesn't mean that we provide less support than a school sixth form. Our students are our number one priority and we have a number of strong support teams in place to encourage, motivate and help them throughout their time here.

Every student is assigned a Guidance Support Tutor who will monitor their wellbeing and development at college. We also have a Learning Support Team who are available to assist all students with their studies and who also provide support for students with specific difficulties or disabilities. Our Careers Team are available to guide students and help them with their progression to university, apprenticeships, employment or a gap year.

We have a robust system in place to monitor each student's progress and help them if they are struggling. We also encourage independent study with our BOOST programme and provide a broad range of enrichment options to enhance students' experience at the college.

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