Parent/Carer of Current Student

Below is information for parent/carers of current students including a video explaining the college's positive education approach. If you have any questions, please email

Parent Portal

On the Parent Portal you will see your son/daughter's current timetable, grades and attendance information. You should have received a letter with your login details for this. If you need any assistance with the parent portal please email your son/daughter's Guidance Support Tutor.

We also regularly communicate with parents through email and texting. If you have not given us addresses and numbers, or believe them to be incorrect, please could you email or contact Student Services on 01723 380700 with up-to-date information.


Please click here to download the Attendance Expectations information.

Parental Consent Form

In order to go on trips and visits, all students need a parent/carer to sign a parental consent form. You can complete an online form or download a form here. Please could all completed forms be handed into the Admissions office at the college.

Absence Procedures

To report an absence, please contact Student Services.

Should a student advise college of their absence, this will need further confirmation by a parent/carer that it is an agreed absence, or the student must provide evidence such as an appointment card, NHS letter.

All absences (with the exception of college activity, cancellation of lessons where there is to be no staff cover, or Covid-related absence) will impact on the student’s attendance records.

The college does not support the booking of holidays in term time (dates can be found at

Peripatetic Music Lessons

To book peripatetic music lessons, please complete the online form

Guidance Support Tutors

Your son/daughter’s Guidance Support Tutor is your first port of call for any questions/concerns. You can find out more information including their contact details on the Guidance Support Tutor page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my son/daughter’s progress monitored at college?

Teachers and GSTs monitor attendance by completing registers for every session. Teachers also conduct regular assessment points which measure the student’s progress and academic attainment. Together with the GSTs, teachers offer feedback, praise and intervention to ensure the student remains on a positive journey, stretching and challenging themselves accordingly. Where there are improvements to be made, teachers will advise the student of appropriate targets and GSTs will support the student to access extra intervention, guidance or resource.

What careers support is available?

All students have access to our experienced Careers Team. We encourage all students to book a personal guidance interview to discuss their goals and ideas for the future and explore the different routes available to them. In addition, the team offer help with gaining work experience, organise careers events, support students with mock interviews for jobs or university, and run an Aspire programme to prepare students for applying to competitive universities. You can find out more information including how to contact them on the Careers page.

How does my son/daughter apply for university?

Students apply through UCAS and start their applications towards the end of the lower sixth. They are given information and guidance on how to do this during their Prep sessions and are supported by their Guidance Support Tutor throughout the process.

Does the college run Parents’ Evenings and how do they work?

The college contacts parents/carers throughout the year with feedback on their son/daughter’s performance. However, we run formal Parents’ Evenings twice a year, either face to face or virtually. Appointments for these are booked by the student directly with their teachers and GST.

How can I support my son/daughter at college?

The College encourages parents/carers to take an interest in their son/daughter’s college activities, and timetables, grades and messages can be accessed via Parent Portal. Where students are struggling (whether that is personally, socially or academically), it is helpful for college to be in communication with home and we would ask for any queries or information to be shared with the relevant GST in the first instance.

All students benefit from a quiet space to work, access to resources, regular exercise, a healthy diet and an established sleep schedule, and if your son/daughter is struggling to access these their GST can offer support and guidance. We also ask students to commit to 12-15hours independent study a week outside of lessons, and a maximum of 10hours paid employment in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Where do I find exam information and timetables?

All of the latest exam information including the Student Exam Handbook and exam policies is available on the Exam webpage.

How does my son/daughter access counselling at college?

The college has an embedded professional counselling service, run by fully qualified specialist counsellors and psychotherapists. You can find more details about the service on the Counselling page. Students can self-refer at any time during their time at college by emailing a referral form.

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