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A level exams are completed at the end of a student’s second year. These exams usually run from the start of May until the end of June. Students must be available for exams up to and including the contingency date.
Maths and English GCSE exams are available twice a year in November (re-sit only with subject teacher’s approval). All GCSEs are available in the summer (May – June).
Functional skills Maths and English are completed at regular intervals throughout the year. Subject teachers will advise students the dates of these exams.
Some Applied General subjects have exams in January or throughout the year. Subject teachers will advise students the dates of these exams.
All exam dates are displayed on a noticeboard located outside the exams office along with a rooming list.
For the November and summer exams students can find their individual timetable (with room information) on the student portal https://portal.s6f.org.uk
Exam information is also emailed to the student’s College email address throughout the year.
More information can be found below or by contacting the exams office exams@s6f.org.uk

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