Webpage banner saying enrolment on 27th, 28th and 29th Aug 2024

The aim of enrolment is to help you choose and commit to a study programme for September. The process is very supportive and staff will be on hand to discuss your plans, wishes and previous learning experiences to set you on a path best suited to you and your needs. Whatever your results, come along and speak to us. We offer a variety of courses, so even if you don't meet the entry requirements for a particular course, we can look at alternatives with you.

Bring with you

  • Your GCSE results
  • Your enrolment letter - this has a code on it

To do before your appointment

  • Add your GCSE results to the portal
  • Choose your enrichment on the portal
  • Your parent carer needs to complete an online form: Parental Consent Form

Hints & Tips

  • Sign in with the Welcome Team on arrival
  • You are very welcome to bring a parent or friend with you
  • The whole process takes about an hour and 30 minutes
Enrolment banner showing dates of 27th, 28th and 29th August

Applicant Appointments

All applicants will receive an enrolment appointment by letter. You can also see the date and time of your appointment on the applicant portal.

On holiday over enrolment

If you are going to be away over your enrolment appointment we can organise a phone enrolment for you. This is where you ring in from holiday to secure your place on your chosen courses. You will need to organise this with the Admissions Team in advance.

GCSE results not gone to plan?

Don't panic. Come and chat through your options with us. We have a lot of experience of helping students in this situation.

Not Yet Applied?

We have drop in sessions on each enrolment date between 11am and 2pm. It is a good idea to complete an application to speed up the process if you do decide to study with us.

First Day of Term

Once you've enrolled, you will given instructions for the first day of term. For 2024, the first day of term is Tuesday 3rd September. New students will be coming in at 9am for an induction.

iPads for New Students

All new students will be lent an iPad for the duration of their time at college. You will be given this at enrolment and will receive training on it during the first few weeks to ensure you are comfortable using it in lessons.


Please go to s6f.org.uk/travel for all of the latest travel information including bus timetables and travel pass application forms. If you have any questions regarding travel, please contact Student Services on 01723 380700 or studentservices@s6f.org.uk.


We have a Student Support Fund for students from low-income families to assist with transport, lunches and other college-related costs such as trips. Find out more at s6f.org.uk/financial-support

Any Questions

If you have any questions or need a reminder of your portal login, please contact Admissions - 01723 380722 | admissions@s6f.org.uk