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Sport – L3 Applied General

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Special Entry Requirements

You will need to meet the Level 3 Applied General entry requirements.

Course Introduction

This is a programme designed for students who are passionate about sport. We have a strong tradition of developing student potential and send over 50% of students onto university. Students are encouraged to make the most of their college years and undertake as many coaching courses, sports leadership events and qualifications as possible.

Course Modules

The seven core units followed by all students are:

1. Principles of Anatomy & Physiology
2. Physiology of Fitness
3. Health & Safety in Sport
4. Training & Fitness for Sport
5. Sports Coaching
6. Sports Development
7. Fitness Testing for Sport & Exercise
8. Practical Team Sports
9. Practical Individual Sports

Then depending on your chosen programme, upto ten specialist units can be taken from the following:

10. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
11. Sports Nutrition
12. Sport & Society
13. Leadership in Sport
14. Exercise, Health and Lifestyle
15. Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
16. Exercise for Specific groups
17. Psychology for Sports performance
18. Sports Injuries
19. Analysis of Sports Performance
20. Talent Identification and Development
21. Sport and Exercise Massage
22. Rules, regulations and officiating
23. Organising Sports Events
24. Working with Children in Sport
25. Sport as a Business
26. Work based Experience in Sport


The course is continually assessed via written assignments, presentations, projects, posters and performing in a variety of roles. There are no external examinations on this course.

Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities