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Science (Applied) – L3 Applied General


Special Entry Requirements

In addition to the level 3 Applied General entry requirements, you will need GCSE Science grade 4.

Course Introduction

The Applied Science course is ideally suited to students who wish to continue with science study, but prefer to be assessed by producing a portfolio of coursework. There are no examinations in this course.

You will learn about important scientific principles and practical techniques. You will find out how science is used in the workplace and what it is like to work in the science industry. You will develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in a wide variety of science based organisations, but the course will also appeal to students who have no definite career plan at present, but just enjoy and are interested in science.

Whether your interest lies in sport science, forensics, health care, primary teaching or laboratory work, to mention just a few possibilities,  Applied Science could be for you.

Preparing for Applied Science

We have created transition packs on the website to show you the kind of work you will be doing at level 3 and help you prepare for September.

Applied Science transition pack

If you have any questions about the course, please email

Course Modules

Year 1

There are 3 units to study:

Fundamentals of Science

You will learn how to measure quantities for chemical reactions. You will be able to select equipment to study different types of cells. You will investigate energy transfer and learn to communicate your ideas clearly.

Working in the Science Industry

You will know how procedures are followed and communicated in the scientific workplace and be able to design a scientific laboratory. You will learn about laboratory information management systems and be able to demonstrate safe working practices in the scientific workplace.

Scientific Practical Techniques

You will be able to use a variety of analytical techniques. You will do experiments to separate and assess the purity of substances and will use a variety of instruments and sensors.

Year 2

There are a further 3 units to study. These will be chosen from a large selection which includes:

Biochemistry and biochemical techniques which studies the chemistry of living things.

Physiology of the Human Body which investigates how the human body functions.

Genetics and genetic engineering which studies inheritance and how a knowledge of genetics can be used in industry.

Science for Environmental Technicians which investigates the role of scientists in environmental studies.

Geology of Natural Resources which looks at the science of the Earth we live on.


There are no examinations in this course. You are assessed on the portfolio of work that you produce during the course.

Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities