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Performing Arts – L3 Applied General

Single | Triple

Special Entry Requirements

In addition to the level 3 Applied General entry requirements, a keen interest and passion for performing arts are essential to succeed on this course. Previous experience in acting, singing or dancing would be advantageous.

Course Introduction

The Triple is a full-time course that focuses on making you an all-round, experienced performer in Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance – preparing you for all aspects of the industry.

Alternatively, you can choose to study a Single Applied General in Performing Arts. The modules for the Single are wide-ranging and performance based; there are no Dance modules on the Single.

Studying the Applied General will develop the practical knowledge, skills and understanding needed to prepare for your chosen career.

Course Modules

All students on the Extended Diploma will study the yearlong core units of:

  • Performance Preparation (Prepares learners for performance by developing understanding of various styles and exploring skills required for auditions)
  • Planning for a Career (Professional work experience with opportunities to align/link their overarching career aims with the opportunities provided within the course)
  • Final Production (Refine skills and take ownership of an entire process of production)

The specialist subject blocks will follow a range of units typically including some of the following:


  • Approaches to Acting
  • Comedy Drama in Performance
  • Audition Techniques
  • Theatre in Education
  • Elizabethan Theatre
  • Physical Theatre

Musical Theatre

  • Vocal Techniques
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Collaborative Cross Arts
  • Music in Theatre
  • Ensemble Music Performance
  • Solo Music Performance


  • Dance Fitness
  • Dance in the Community
  • Global Dance Styles
  • Ensemble Dance Performance
  • Dance Technique and Performance
  • Choreography

**students do not need to be experienced dancers or singers to be highly successful on this course**


This course is 100% coursework. You will learn and be assessed on the course by a series of practical assignments as well as some handwritten work. The course aims to be as hands-on as possible with opportunities to utilise and develop students’ talents. Teamwork is an essential part of the course as it would be in a real theatre environment.

Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities