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Media – Progression Year

L2 Vocational

Special Entry Requirements

You will need to meet the level 2 Progression Year entry requirements.

Course Introduction

As with other vocational courses, the work at level two is based on REAL industry scenarios. You act as a media producer and fulfil the demands of media briefs to make a variety of media products across a range of platforms

You will learn about the media by actually carrying out practical assignments and develop your skills in organisation, planning and communication. You will also use a range of software to create products that approach suitability for professional standards

Media Level 2 Transition Pack – We have created a transition pack on our website to show you the kind of work that you will be doing on the Progression Year and to help you prepare for September.

Course Modules

Internally Assessed Units

Unit 13: Graphic Design for Digital Media
Unit 5: Digital Publishing Production

  • Understand the roles and functions of company logos
  • Create your own set of company logotypes
  • Learn about the innovation of the digital publishing industry
  • Develop your own e-zine aimed at a teenage audience, using new and pioneering software

Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product
Unit 5: Digital Publishing Products
Unit 6: Website Production
Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production
Unit 14: Writing for Digital Media
Unit 9: Digital Editing For Moving Image

  • Develop, plan and pitch a new idea for a thriller film
  • Understand how films are constructed and why audience appreciate them
  • Film and edit a moving image production
  • Apply appropriate production techniques to generate a fully realise product

Unit 10: Digital Photography for a Media Product

  • Produce your own adverts for energy drinks
  • Create a personal photography portfolio
  • Understand different advertising and photography techniques

Externally assessed units

Unit 1: Sectors and Audiences
Unit 8: Digital Media Industries

  • Understand how different audiences respond to media products
  • Understand what uses audiences get from media products
  • Understand how the media industry is constructed and learn about different media companies


Assessment is continuous and is based on completion of set work covering research planning, pre-production and post-production techniques as used in the media industries.

You will achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction depending on the quality of your work. Most of the work is assessed and verified internally, with two externally assessed units.

Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities