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Information Technology – L3 Applied General


Special Entry Requirements

You will need to meet the level 3 Applied General entry requirements.

Course Introduction

During the two years of study, you will use a variety of application packages, including databases, spreadsheets, word processors, presentation software and web page creators.

By investigating a variety of applications you will become familiar with software and hardware and appreciate the impact that computers have on our lives.

Course Modules

The components of a computer system

  • The components inside a computer and the connected peripherals
  • The operating system and the software that protects your computer
  • Setting up and ensuring that you get the best from your system

Developing communication and presentation skills for employability

  • Organisational skills and to be able to work as a team
  • Presenting information clearly whether in a formal letter or in an email
  • Explaining technical jargon.
  • Using social media for education and in the workplace.
  • Creating posters, presentations, web pages and blogs

Digital graphics

  • Designing graphics for a range of output methods
  • Exploring the formats used to represent images
  • Creating, editing and manipulating images to produce real live client briefs

Event Driven Programming

  • Understand the key features of event driven programming
  • Demonstrate the use of event driven tools and techniques
  • Design and build an application
  • Test your application and evaluate its performance
  • Create on-screen help and technical documentation

Database Design

  • Understanding relational databases
  • Designing, creating and populating a relational database
  • Testing a relational database

Spreadsheet modelling

  • Understand how spreadsheets can be used to solve complex problems
  • Be able to develop complex spreadsheet models
  • Be able to automate, customise, test and document spreadsheet models


Assessment will combine examinations, written assignments and practical projects that will be based on realistic workplace situations. It could include doing a presentation, producing a video or creating solutions to problems using software packages.

Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities