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Health & Social Care – L3 Applied General

Single | Triple

Special Entry Requirements

You will need to meet the Level 3 Applied General entry requirements.

Course Introduction

This course is designed to give you a firm grounding in Health & Social Care, helping you to learn the skills and abilities required for work or future study in all aspects of care, health and people-centred work. The course includes theory and practical sessions and includes a substantial work experience placement element. It is particularly aimed at students who are interested in a career in this area, including nursing/midwifery, community care, social work or in teaching.

Preparing for L3 Health & Social Care

We have created a transition pack on our website to show you the kind of work that you will be doing at level 3 and to help you prepare for September.

If you have any questions about the course, please email admissions@s6f.org.uk

Course Modules

You will have a mixture of classroom-based lessons, group work, practical sessions, group and individual visits, and the chance for independent study. You will also undertake a work experience placement in a Health & Social Care setting.

In a typical lesson you will be taught relevant theories and background knowledge, which you will then apply to a real Health and Social Care setting, client group or situation you are researching, whether real or a case study. These modules give you the opportunity to focus upon specific areas that interest you.

Both single and triple students will take all of the following units:

  • Equality, Diversity & Rights in Health & Social Care
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Safeguarding in Health & Social Care
  • Communication in Health & Social Care
  • Infection Prevention & Control in Health & Social Care
  • Psychological Perspectives in Health & Social Care
  • Sociological Perspectives in Health & Social Care
  • Working in Health & Social Care
  • Reflective Practice

Students studying the triple must also study 9 additional units. We have a choice of 31 different specialist units and will select from them based on staff expertise and which are most appropriate for students’ needs and interests. This will ensure the course is varied and interesting.

Work Experience

Single students are required to complete 75 hours of relevant work experience. Triple students are required to complete 175 hours of relevant work experience. This is not graded but is a mandatory element of the final qualification.


Assessment may involve coursework and controlled assessments - details to be confirmed.

Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities