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Biology – GCSE

Special Entry Requirements

You will need to meet the Level 2 (Progression Year) entry requirements.

Course Introduction

GCSE Biology is particularly relevant to those who wish to pursue careers in science, nursing, or teaching, but who did not already achieve a grade 4 in GCSE Science.

Course Modules

This course allows students to immerse themselves in the study of fascinating aspects of human and plant biology. Across two academic terms, students will study seven key areas: from the basics of cell biology, students will progress onto study of the vital energy-harnessing processes of bioenergetics and ecology, before delving into the intriguing topics of human organ systems, reproduction, health and disease, evolution, genetics and biotechnology. Study of scientific theory is central to the course, but there is also an series of required practicals, through which students will learn key investigative skills in ecology, biochemistry and human physiology. This interesting course is for anyone who enjoys science.


Assessment is in the form of two written exams

Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities