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Art Foundation Diploma

Special Entry Requirements

Students have usually completed a level 3 course in an Art and/or Media related field, however applications are welcome based on portfolio evidence.

Course Introduction

This is a one year specialist Art and Design qualification which will enable you to explore all areas of Art and Design through innovative and exciting practical projects and then specialise in an area of your choice. Applicants must be 18 years old.

The Foundation Diploma is prerequisite for some university courses.

Summer Brief for Art Foundation Students – This online brief is part of the introduction to the course. The aim is for you to try to think more conceptually in how you explore ideas and gather resources.

Course Modules

Stage One – Exploratory Stage
Students work collaboratively and independently in a range of disciplines in new and exciting areas, including Graphic Communication, Moving Image, Animation, Photography, Illustration, Sculpture, Printmaking and Fine Art whilst underpinning with Art History and Drawing. This element is to broaden skills using a variety of methods and to increase knowledge of various art practices.

Stage Two – Pathway Stage
Students then decide on their chosen specialism area through discussion. Students will also develop their portfolio and prepare for UCAS. Staff help students with all aspects of their university application including assisting with personal statements and interview and portfolio advice. Alternatively, staff will also help students find apprenticeships and employment in related fields. You will have full access to the College’s experienced Careers Service.

Stage Three – Confirmatory Stage
Students will work on a final project leading to an end of year show. The final project will be a culmination of the skills learnt and will demonstrate contextual references, research, planning, problem solving, evaluation and presentation skills.


Assessment is entirely through coursework. Students must pass each stage before moving to the next.

There are three assessment points:

  • Exploratory Stage:  Assessed at the end of November
  • Pathway Stage:  Assessed at the end of February
  • Confirmatory Stage:  The final exhibition in June forms the assessment of this stage and the qualification grade in which the student is awarded

Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities