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Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care - BTEC Level 2

Special Entry Requirements:

You will need to meet the level 2 entry requirements.

Course Introduction:

This is a one year course aimed at students who have not yet achieved the qualifications for advanced level study. Successful completion of the course allows students to progress onto level 3 if they wish.

Students successfully completing the course do not have to continue studying Health and Social Care into advanced level; although many people choose to. The course develops knowledge and understanding of skills and issues involved in care, health and early years work, so is most suited to people who are interested in a career in this area.

Course Modules:

The extended certificate course [3 GCSEs] is made up of the following units;

  • Communication and Individual Rights – Here you will be looking at various forms of communication both verbal and non-verbal, and studying the barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them.
  • Human Lifespan Development – How does ageing affect our bodies and minds?
  • Health and Social Care Values – What values do carers need to have to be successful in their work?
  • Healthy Living – The importance of diet and exercise
  • Promoting Health and Well-being – How can we persuade others to look after their bodies and minds?
  • Equality and Diversity – Treating all service users with respect and dignity without discrimination of any kind
  • Individual Rights – What rights do we have and how can health and social care workers help to promote and protect these rights
  • Services in Health and Social Care – Looking at the range of services provided and the range of possible careers


Units are assessed through a mixture of examinations and coursework. In addition, you will be able to put your learning into practice with a weeks work experience in a health and social care setting.

Career Opportunities:

This course is ideal if you are aiming for a career that involves helping people (for example, nursing, social work, counselling and education). Health and Social Care develops your interpersonal skills and prepares you well for further study or employment.