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Geography - A Level

Special Entry Requirements:

You do not need to have taken GCSE Geography however you will need to meet the A Level entry requirements and have a grade 5 in GCSE English Language.

Course Introduction:

The Edexcel Geography syllabus is so varied and thought-provoking that there is guaranteed to be something that appeals to everyone. Geography includes a huge variety of knowledge and skills. A Geographer needs to be a good all-rounder who enjoys arts, humanities and sciences.

Course Modules:

Year 1

Dynamic Landscapes

Coastal Landscapes & Change: Processes causing different landscapes and Coastal Landforms. How does coastal erosions and sea level change alter the coast. Coastal Management and Fieldwork & Research.

Tectonic Processes and Hazards: Why are some locations more at risk? Why do some tectonic hazards develop into disasters? How successful is the management of tectonic disasters?

Dynamic Places

Globalisation: What are the causes of globalisation? What are the impacts of globalisation? What are the consequences for global development?

Regenerating Places: How and why do places vary? Why is regeneration needed? How is regeneration manged? How successful is regeneration? What fieldwork and research can be used to investigate regeneration.


Year 2

Physical systems and sustainability

The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity: The processes involved in the water cycle, factors influence over the hydrological system and the issue of water insecurity.

The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security: How does the carbon cycle operate? The consequences of our increasing demand for energy. How are the carbon and water cycles linked to the global climate system?

Human Systems and Geopolitics

Superpowers: What are superpowers? The impacts of superpowers. What are the spheres of influence contested by superpowers?

Global Development and Connections – Health, Human Rights and Intervention: What is human development? Why do human rights vary from place to place? How are human rights used as arguments for political and military intervention? What are the outcomes of geopolitical interventions in terms of human development and human rights?


A Level Geography is assessed by examinations and coursework.

Career Opportunities:

The huge variety of up-to-date knowledge and skills possessed by Geographers makes us very employable in many different careers. However, the sheer breadth of the subject and variety of skills involved makes geographers exceptionally flexible in today’s changing job market. If you have no idea what career you want, Geography is a good choice, because it is so broad that it keeps lots of options open.
The most popular careers for geographers tend to be in finance and accountancy, administration and management, and sales and marketing. Some become teachers, some follow careers in travel and tourism, and others specialise in environmental planning.