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EU students

EU Students at Scarborough Sixth Form College


We are currently accepting applications from EU students. Each year we have a handful of EU students in college studying a wide variety of AS levels, making new friends and improving their English. This compliments the study visits abroad organised by college and gives our students a greater feel for variety of opportunities available in world today.

As an EU student you will come for a minimum of one academic year (September – June) and be taught in normal classes for Advanced Level courses. This means you will need to have a sound working knowledge of English before you arrive here (we require IELTS 5.5) but also that your English will improve rapidly as you make English friends. EU students also take part along with the English students in the Guidance Support Tutor and Enrichment programmes which include the opportunities to become involved in sporting and recreational activities.

The College is a relatively small sixth form college, some 1100+ day-time students, allowing students to be recognised as individuals and their personal needs addressed. The College allows free internet and e-mail access to all students so they can remain in touch with friends and family whilst in Scarborough. Likewise parents can seek guidance from the College on their son’s / daughter’s progress, attendance and needs.

Entry Requirements

The College teaches Advanced Level courses to a high standard. Therefore we will expect you to have IELTS 5.5 or higher in English as a minimum. We may also ask you to complete some tests to assess your current level of working.

We ask that you submit a recent reference from your school or college with your application form. Due to funding regulations you will be required to provide certificates to prove that you have studied Maths and English whilst at school in your country of origin otherwise you will need to study them whilst at Scarborough Sixth Form College alongside your other course choices.

If English is not your first language, you may be expected to take additional lessons in English to familiarise you with the complex and specialised language used in your studies.


Unfortunately we are unable to offer accommodation for students. However there are a number of language schools in Scarborough who may be able to help you to organise this. You MUST inform of us of your accommodation plans including your address in Scarborough before enrolment.

What Our EU Students Say About The College

“Basketball is my favourite sport and playing for the school team is always fun. I really enjoyed my time with my team mates. The people I have met in Scarborough are all friendly and cheerful.”

 “I really enjoyed the time I’ve already spent here and I’m very pleased to have found some very nice English friends who I can talk to and help me to become part of their circle of friends.”

“The first thing I noticed when I came to College was the huge computer network. Each student has his own user account and free access to the Internet, which is very useful for college work. I soon realised that the technical equipment of the college is very extensive and modern.”

“The relationship between teachers and students is a lot better and more relaxed than at my home school in Germany. The teachers at Sixth Form are very friendly and obliging and they always try to help when someone has a problem or a question.”

“Scarborough itself is a small but friendly and very lively seaside town with many active clubs, societies, churches and Youth organisations. I have been warmly welcomed into them and have enjoyed mixing with people of all ages. In Scarborough and the surrounding areas there is always something to see and do. I highly recommend a year at Scarborough Sixth Form College to you.”

“I really enjoy my classes and have already made a couple of friends who I go out with sometimes for a night out in town or just meeting up after college. My family here is also very nice and I feel like being a real member of them.”