Study Programmes

S6F provides high quality study programmes that give students breadth, depth and progression into employment, further study or training, including higher education.  Study programmes at S6F are personalised to meet the needs of each individual and are linked to their future plans and the next steps in their careers.

A typical study programme is made up of 3 A Levels or equivalent. Students can mix and match subjects and types of qualifications to create a study programme that suits them and their goals.

Study programmes enable students to:

  • progress to a higher level of study than previously attained
  • study for qualifications that have clear links to further training, employment or higher education
  • continue to develop literacy and numeracy skills, including attaining GCSE Maths and English at grade 4 or above for those who have not already done so
  • develop employability skills and prepare for employment with appropriate opportunities to experience the world of work
  • benefit from high quality careers advice and guidance
  • have access to stimulating enrichment activities, including sport and volunteering, that enhance personal and social development
  • develop character, skills attitudes and confidence that support progression and employment

In planning study programmes the College is committed to ensuring that:

  • provision is based on a good understanding of views of the local community including businesses, students and other stakeholders
  • the curriculum meets the needs of the local economy and feeds into regional and national economic priorities
  • high quality teaching and learning is provided for all students
  • provision is cost effective and represents value for money


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